Wood Products

All of our bark and wood products are completely natural with no dyes or added coloration - just as you will find in the natural environment.


Fine Bark

A combination of Fir, Pine, and Hemlock bark that has been processed through a 1/2" screen for a mulch type look. Perfect for a more formal and manicured look for your landscaping. It looks great and is easy to spread and maintain. A good choice around any type of plantings and is available as fresh Red Fine Bark, or aged Dark Fine Bark.


Medium Bark

A combination of Fir, Pine, and Hemlock bark that has been processed through a 2" screen with most of the fines removed. This has been our most popular bark product as it holds well in our valley's windy conditions and has a natural "forest floor" look. At a depth of 3"-4" it works well to impede weed growth and helps retain moisture as well.


Large Bark

A combination of Fir, Pine, and Hemlock bark that comes off the end of the screen. This product will contain some wood pieces and sticks that can be easily removed when spreading. Works well in high wind areas.


Medium Bark nuggets

Fir nuggets that have been processed through a 2" screen with the fines removed. Use as a fancier alternative to our Medium Bark for a more manicured look. This bark makes an attractive contrast to colorful lawns, plants, and trees.


Playground Chips

DOT style flat chips that are typically 3/4" - 2" in size. Great for under swing sets, pathways, and accent options with their bright color.



Our sawdust is processed through a shaker deck and has a more granular consistency than most. Used in some of our blends, it works well for healing in trees and plants and as an amendment to help relieve compacted, clay-type soils. Very popular with tree nurseries for packing bare root stock.


Hog Fuel

This is an economical ground cover produced from recycled trees and other similar brushy material. Most often used for ground cover such as streambed restoration and plantings for a more natural look where bark is not desired. Works very well in areas of mud and livestock congregation.


Recycled Pallets

This product has some similar uses as hog fuel and has been popular for restoration jobs where a recycled content requirement needs to be met. Not recommended for use with livestock, but will make a great ballast material for muddy areas.