Compost Spreading


Compost application in agricultural settings is becoming more common in many parts of the country…

When you think about it, the whole process just makes sense - the opportunity to utilize raw feedstock materials that often times would end up in a landfill to provide an all natural source of life sustaining carbon and nutrient value that cannot be duplicated with commercial fertilizer options. The ability to rebuild soil is incredible with compost application - the nutrient component is truely the fringe benefit, the real value comes in what we are able to accomplish in terms of adding carbon, organic matter, new microbial activity for your soils and plants, soil porosity, moisture retention abilities, and the list goes on. As we continue to explore ways to become more efficient in feeding the world, we feel that compost application will only continue to grow in popularity as a way to offset the harm that we do to our soils with the constant cropping approach of todays farming practices.

Compost makes sense - contact us today to see how it can be a part of your management strategy to help rebuild your soils for our next generation.