All of our soils and mulch have been processed through a 1/2" screen for our finished products. Most have an analysis attached that can be viewed by clicking on the available link.


3 Way topsoil

Our basic Topsoil recommended for lawns and other grass plantings. This topsoil has a base material of local topsoil blended with a small amount of Nutrient Mulch that is made on site and processed through a 1/2" screen. This product is best suited for turf grasses, has a pH of 7 - 7.4 and should not require additional fertilizer for grass establishment. Click here for analysis


BullFrog topsoil

We recommend this topsoil blend for tree plantings and berms. With a lower pH and a very high organic matter @ 24%, it consists of sandy loam soils blended with our Bullfrog Mulch to create a very loose, mulch type of soil perfect for trees & mound plantings as well as for amending heavy, clay type soils. pH 6.2. Click here for analysis


Garden blend

Our Garden Blend is specially blended for raised vegetable gardens as well as flower beds and similar landscape plantings that like a higher pH and will be watered frequently. This product is specifically blended and consists of our local 3 Way Topsoil blended with Bullfrog TopsoilSandNutrient Mulch, and Bullfrog Mulch to create a well-draining product that does not require additional fertilizer for plant establishment. pH 7 - 7.4. Click here for analysis


Soil Screenings

Just as the name implies - the 2" minus screenings left over from production of our various soils. This is an economical fill material (not for structural fill!), for deeper fills that you need to make that can then be covered with other materials for a top course. May contain soil, rock, and wood products. Do not expect to grow anything in this material, it is meant for fill only and is not suitable for amendment for plant growth.


BullFrog Mulch

Our most popular mulch is made from log deck materials that have been composted for years and then processed through a 1/2" screen. This mulch is fantastic for soil amendment and is used in many of our other products as well. Works well as a top dressing for a dark, natural forest floor look and is also one of our best products for amending hard, clay-type compacted soils.


Nutrient Mulch

Created from composted livestock bedding consisting of shavings, sawdust, and straw, with some steer manure added for improved nutrient content and processed through a 1/2" screen. This is the compost that we recommend for raised beds and vegetable gardens. High in carbon & organic matter, its sustained nutrient release makes it a great amendment for your existing soils. Click here for analysis


Blueberry Mulch

This mulch is designed specifically for blueberry plants and other types of berry plants and vineyard applications where a lower pH is desired. With a pH of 5.6, it is well suited for these applications and is made from a blend of Bullfrog Mulch and aged Fine Bark. Fantastic for use as either a dark colored topdressing or for soil amendment. Click here for analysis


50/50 Compost

This compost/mulch is created specifically for agronomic use only. Extremely high in nutrient content, it is used for crop ground augmentation and provides a great way to amend depleted soils of both macro and micro nutrients and helps to build back organic matter levels as well providing a much needed source of carbon. Although best when incorporated prior to planting crops, it has been used very successfully in top dressing applications for existing crops as well. Contact us for bulk quantities and custom application. Click here for analysis