For best appearances, all aggregate products are more attractive if wetted or sprinkled on a regular basis. We will load into your vehicle.



Sand screened to 2mm and washed to be free of rocks, sticks, and dirt. Great for under swimming pools, paver projects, bedding sand, and for use as soil amendment.


Pea Gravel

Screened and washed to have a very clean, consistently sized and rounded gravel - does not compact. Great for many applications from ground cover, pathways, greenhouse drainage, and under playground equipment (1" depth of pea gravel per foot of fall zone.)


5/8" Minus Crushed Rock

Used most often to prep for concrete and paver pads. Also works well for pathways. Light gray in color; it compacts to make a level, uniform surface area.


5/8" Chips

Crushed rock without the fines. Great for a more decorative look for pathways and ground cover areas where no plant growth is desired. Can be used for some drainage areas. Will pack but still drain.


1 1/4" Minus Crushed Rock

Used as a base material for driveways and similar projects - with the bigger size it tends not to "pump." When covered with 5/8" it makes a great driveway base.



2"+ cobble material off of the top deck on the screen. This product is only suitable for general fill projects where an economical fill material is desired and will contain rock, concrete, asphalt, dirt, as well as oversize organic materials.